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Buy apples from the Tons Valley and help the people rendered unemployed by shutdown of tourism!

Uttarakhand has been devastated economically by COVID-19 thanks to tourism going dead. As you all know tourism is not expected to restart for a long, long time, definitely not this summer.

We have come up with a plan to help deliver some immediate money to those who have been rendered unemployed due to loss of tourism income. 


Almost everyone in the Tons Valley has apple trees. We are identifying those working in the tourism industry who are also apple farmers and helping you book apples from them in advance.  

Your contribution will help farmer in the following ways:


  • It will help them tide over the current cash crunch, even if in a small way.

  • It will ease their anxiety of how they will sell their apples (everyone is uncertain about the future right now!)

  • In case, the prices of apples crash i.e. selling becomes unprofitable due to market conditions, we will still be able to give them some minimum support

  • We are a tourism company, we have never done something like this before. But we see no other option but trying to help all our tourism vendor stakeholders right now. We are going to see entire families economically ruined if we don’t step in and do something urgently right away!

What do you need to do?

   Look at the price chart below and buy some apples

We will get in touch with you once you order and keep in touch with you all the way and handhold you till the order is delivered to you. There are many unknowns in what we are doing right now, but we need you trust us, help these families right now and we will get those apples to you


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