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Hey we are Tons Trails!

Mountain dog crossing the wooden bridge at Karba, Kalap Village, Tons Valley, Uttarakhand
This is our mascot, Laila!

Tons Trails is a social enterprise promoting sustainable tourism in this region. Our work economically empowers local mountain communities and helps them preserve the unique cultural and natural heritage of this region.

We began work in 2013, in a small way, putting the tiny himalayan village of Kalap ( in tourism (and literally on Google) maps! We did this the hard way by narrating the story of the destination and training the local people in hospitality practices such as running a homestay and guiding tourists. In 2017, other villages in the Tons Valley, asked us to work with them too. So, now we are working to bring economic empowerment through tourism to 37 villages!

We want to create a holistic and sustainable tourism ecosystem in this remote region. We tread slowly and develop organically while becoming an important partner for the local community to grow not just economically. It is firmly enshrined in our fabric to give back to the local community more than we receive. We support positive linkages through tourism to sustain traditional livelihoods, deliver essential services (schools and hospitals) in partnership with Kalap Trust ( and further environmental consciousness.

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