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Discover the Tons Valley 

Explore a pristine and unexplored destination in the Indian himalayas

The Tons Valley is a hidden jewel in the Indian himalayas. The valley offers a rich variety of experiences that blend exciting adventure and immersive culture for the discerning traveller. Lying in the far-northwestern region of the state of Uttarakhand, it is just 200 kms from the nearest airport in Dehradun and 400 kms by road from Delhi.

Tons Trails is a social enterprise promoting sustainable tourism in this region. Our work economically empowers local mountain communities and helps them preserve the unique cultural and natural heritage of this region.

Who are we and what drives us?

We began work in 2013, in a small way, putting the tiny himalayan village of Kalap ( in tourism (and literally on Google) maps! We did this the hard way by narrating the story of the destination and training the local people in hospitality practices such as running a homestay and guiding tourists. In 2017, other villages in the Tons Valley, asked us to work with them too. So, now we are working to bring economic empowerment through tourism to 37 villages!

We want to create a holistic and sustainable tourism ecosystem in this remote region. We tread slowly and develop organically while becoming an important partner for the local community to grow not just economically. It is firmly enshrined in our fabric to give back to the local community more than we receive. We support positive linkages through tourism to sustain traditional livelihoods, deliver essential services (schools and hospitals) in partnership with Kalap Trust ( and further environmental consciousness.

Our experiences

About Us

The Nomad Trail

Have you lived the life of a himalayan nomad? For centuries the shepherds of the Tons Valley have followed the summer ritual of taking their sheep to graze on the spectacular high altitude grasslands of the Himalayas. Walk and camp with the herders to experience their unique lifestyle! This is our most popular signature summer itinerary!


Season: Apr to Nov
Hiking: Moderate
Max Alt: 12,000 ft
Children: Above 10 years


High Altitude Nomad Retreat

For two months every year, all the nomads in the Tons Valley live in some of the highest high-altitude grasslands in the world. It is the biggest such migration in the western himalayas. We follow the nomads into these mystical grasslands, through which flow glacial streams and land is is alive with seasonal flowers and medicinal plants. 


Season: July to August
Max Alt: 14,950 ft
Grade: Difficult
Children: Above 10 years

Tons Heritage Trail

The Upper Tons Valley is a place of mystique, folklore and legends. We take take you on a drive up the Supin and Rupin Valleys to meet and interact with the communities that live here. You will stay in local homes, eat the unique cuisine and even enjoy a luxury camping experience by the river. This is an experience everyone can enjoy!


Season: Full Year
Max Alt: 6,000 ft
Grade: No hiking
Children: All ages


Parents & Kids Retreat

Every year during summer vacations, we plan trips for parents and kids to travel together to explore himalayan natural and cultural heritage. We host groups families for whom we plan experiences based around our beautiful villages and gorgeous campsites. We also offer, naturalists, who will join you to enrich your knowledge!

6 to 9 Days

Season: Summer Vacations
Max Alt: 6,000 to 8,500 ft
Grade: Easy
Children: All ages

The Kalap Experience

We take you on a journey to visit the most beautiful village in the Tons Valley - Kalap! Kalap is a centrally-located village in the valley, not connected by any road. It features a beautiful walking trail that takes you from one end of the village to another. The scenery and the warmth of the people of Kalap is probably the best in the himalayas!


Season: Full Year
Hiking: Easy
Max Alt: 8,500 ft
Children: All ages

Tons Valley Festivals

There are 37 villages in the upper Tons Valley and each one of them is known for their festivals which happen through the year. We curate and create journeys that immerse you in these joyous occasions! Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our site Blog, to stay up to date on these festivals and be ready to pack your bags to join!

3 to 6 Days

Season: Full Year
Max Alt: NA
Grade: NA
Children: All ages


Tons Trails Camp Rupin Retreat

Our all-new riverside residence is situated at 4,600 ft AMSL next to the gurgling and idyllic River Rupin, and surrounded by lush riverine forests with pristine streams & waterfalls. The camp is easily accessible by road and is exactly 180 kms from Dehradun. For more details:

Why travel with us?

We are the local experts!

Why Us

Best industry practices

We take care of all your needs during a trip with us! We pick you up from and drop you to Dehradun always, use the best completely-owned equipment (even family tents!) and all our guides are certified in first-aid.

Family experiences

We specialise in putting together experiences that engage the entire family! We are happy to guide our youngest and our oldest guests, at the same time. We believe the the great outdoors must be cherished together! (We accomodate children under 8 absolutely free, btw!)

Community responsibility

In all our trips, we strictly follow the 'leave no trace' philosophy. We treat the community with dignity and give back generously. We contribute 25% of our profits to Kalap Trust (, a non-profit organisation that runs a free school and hospital for the local people.


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Mobile connectivity in our office area is very poor, it is almost impossible to reach us on a phone number. We will endeavour to always reply within 24-48 hours of your enquiry. Thank You!

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